Unveiling Top Companies: From Finance to Arts, Where Innovation and Culture Thrive

Unveiling Top Companies: From Finance to Arts, Where Innovation and Culture Thrive
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Embarking on your professional journey or seeking a change? here at scale.jobs has curated a list of diverse companies spanning industries such as finance, healthcare, and the arts. Whether you're interested in cutting-edge health technology, financial innovation, or contributing to the arts, there's an internship waiting for you. The unique aspect? You can filter these companies based on culture and benefits that align with your preferences. Dive in to explore what makes these businesses stand out and hear firsthand from employees about why they love working there.

1.First Citizens Bank:

First Citizens bank entities complete merger
    • Overview: One of the country's fastest-growing banks with a hometown feel.
    • Culture: Committed to better banking that enhances lives.
    • Employee Testimonial: "Great culture, great leadership, and great opportunities."


Stryker Spine (@stryker_spine) | Twitter
    • Overview: A health tech giant on a mission to make healthcare better.
    • Culture: Innovation-driven, with a history of pioneering new products.
    • Employee Testimonial: Not specified.

3.CCC Intelligent Solutions:

CCC Intelligent Solutions Holdings Inc. (NYSE:CCCS) Shares Purchased by ...
    • Overview: A company fostering digital transformation and innovation.
    • Culture: Offers flexibility, state-of-the-art facilities, and a focus on diversity and inclusion.
    • Employee Testimonial: Not specified.

4.Taylor Morrison:

Marbella by Taylor Morrison - Lake Las Vegas
    • Overview: Fearless home-building company challenging the status quo.
    • Culture: Driven by passionate individuals, committed to innovation.
    • Employee Testimonial: Emphasis on a great culture and leadership.

5.Exact Sciences:

Exact Sciences IT Project Manager Salaries in the United States ...
    • Overview: A company dedicated to early cancer detection and transformative solutions.
    • Culture: Highly collaborative with a focus on empathy and determination.
    • Employee Testimonial: Not specified.


    • Overview: Leading in neuroscience, transforming patient lives.
    • Culture: Nurturing a diverse, inclusive, and environmentally sustainable environment.
    • Employee Testimonial: Focused on caring deeply, working fearlessly, and changing lives.

7.Hudson River Trading:

Hudson River Trading London Office | Glassdoor
    • Overview: Applies a scientific approach to trading financial products.
    • Culture: Recognized for health and wellness benefits and exceptional office life.
    • Employee Testimonial: Not specified.

8.Health-E Commerce:

    • Overview: A consumer health and wellness online retailer.
    • Culture: Passionate about improving health and maximizing savings.
    • Employee Testimonial: Not specified.

9.Chick-fil-A, Inc.:

Chick-fil-A (1)
    • Overview: Known for its delicious chicken sandwich and commitment to innovation.
    • Culture: Focus on meaningful work, caring for employees, and utilizing technology.
    • Employee Testimonial: Recognized for professional development, financial benefits, and office perks.

10.Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts:

Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts - Pershing Square Foundation
    • Overview: Advocates for the transformative impact of artistic experiences.
    • Culture: Values agile problem-solving, innovation, and inclusivity.
    • Employee Testimonial: Not specified.


PepsiCo celebrates 25 year partnership with MCR Group
    • Overview: A global food and beverage giant with a rich history of innovation.
    • Culture: More than 260,000 associates creating products enjoyed worldwide.
    • Employee Testimonial: Not specified.


Scrum Certification Coursera | TUTORE.ORG - Master of Documents
    • Overview: Builds enterprise software for teams and departments.
    • Culture: Focus on keeping teams on track, on point, and on top of their game.
    • Employee Testimonial: Not specified.


    • Overview: World leader in lighting, navigating towards IoT services.
    • Culture: Continuous learning, commitment to diversity and inclusion.
    • Employee Testimonial: Honorable Mention for Professional Development.

14.Equity Lifestyle Properties:

Clients - PlusMedia
    • Overview: Creates a comfortable environment across its properties.
    • Culture: Recognizes talent, promotes internal growth for long and successful careers.
    • Employee Testimonial: Not specified.


CarMax, 9131 S Memorial Dr, Tulsa, OK, Auto Dealers - MapQuest
    • Overview: Revolutionized the auto industry with transparency and integrity.
    • Culture: Nation’s largest retailer of used cars with a FORTUNE 100 Best Companies to Work For® recognition.
    • Employee Testimonial: Not specified.


Collaborations - UTH BIG - McWilliams School of Biomedical Informatics ...
    • Overview: An independent research organization empowering patients with actionable health information.
    • Culture: Focus on comparative clinical effectiveness research for better-informed decisions.
    • Employee Testimonial: Not specified.


These companies, spanning diverse industries, offer exciting opportunities for interns. From healthcare pioneers to financial innovators and advocates of the arts, each organization brings a unique culture and commitment to employee growth and satisfaction. Whether you're drawn to cutting-edge technology or have a passion for transforming lives through the arts, explore these companies to find the internship that aligns with your aspirations.

At scale.jobs, we provide you with exclusive glimpses into their workplaces and exciting job opportunities. The brands listed here aren't just participants for the sake of inclusion. Their presence is earned through a combination of their culture, policies, and positive employee feedback, demonstrating that they truly merit a spot on the scale.jobs platform.

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